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In Bangladesh waterproofing would be essential in Basement of structure, Interior of Exterior Walls, Bathrooms plus kitchen, Balconies, decks, Terrace or roofs, Green roofs, Water tanks, Swimming pools, podium, retaining wall, expansion joint and roof etc. Nutech Construction Chemicals Company Ltd is the one major supplier, importer, contractor, applicator, manufacturer company in Bangladesh

Waterproofing one’s home is an essential part of any home building project. We don’t want to see our homes leak now and then. Hence, taking up waterproofing as a practice assures that the structure preserves its strength and beauty for a long tenure. In true sense, house waterproofing should be taken up as a measure while building a new home as well as can be done while repairing.

Reasons why waterproofing is suitable for new homeowners:

  • Prevents Frequent Leakages
  • Enhances the Durability of the Structure
  • Minimizes Reoccurring Expenses

Reasons, why waterproofing for existing homeowners is suitable:

  • Prevents hassles of repetitive repairs
  • Puts an end to damaged interiors
  • Avoids health issues arising out of dampness

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